For the last five centuries, lace  was made by hand, of yarn or thread in an open  weblike pattern. The thread used was silk, linen, silver or gold. The lace was made in different ways (needle lace, bobbin lace, crochet lace…) and was used for decorating collars and cuffs, dresses and underwear, for clergy and royalties. It was also used for decorating homes and linen.

With this piece of jewellery, I have tried to evoke the beauty and the glorious golden times of the lace, this time made from new materials and with new technologies.

Making “lace” from PMMA is still time consuming as it was before when the lace was made in a classical way.  I have created contemporary lace made of laser-cut acrylic plates.

Each piece is finished by hand. There are only black and/or white Neck Laces. Edition is limited to 100 pieces of black and 100 pieces of white Neck Lace. Each piece has a certificate of authenticity, each piece is numbered and signed.

The difference between the Neck Lace and any other necklace is in its position: while other necklaces are been hanged around the neck, this one is just put on the shoulder. It is light and comfortable to wear because it fits the shoulder perfectly and it follows the shape of the body.

This piece of jewellery is a necklace and a collar, it is modern and light and it is gentle and bold at the same time and is ideal for formal occasions.